Pawnee First UMC
Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Leaders for 2015

Chair                                                                     Tracy Burnett
Lay Leader                                                     Dale & Glenna Osborn
Lay Member of Ann. Conf.                                   June Tucker
Alt.Lay Member                                                    Bobbie Gosnell
Finance Chair                                                       Erin Brown
Treasurer                                                              Helen Brensing
Financial Sec.                                                       Glenna Osborn
Chair of Staff-Parish Relations                            Andy Bowen
Chair of Trustees                                                  Don Brown
Chair of Nurture                                                    Joanne Scott
Chair of Outreach                                    Erin Brown and Jarrod Scott
Youth Coordinator                                         Tony and Amy Smith
Fellowship Coordinator                              Joyce and Ronny Brown                    
Ten Hundred Club Rep.                                        Kirk Lewis
Circle of Care Ambassador                                  June Tucker
Membership Sec.                                                  Wendy Nuttle
UMM Pres                                                                 Kirk Lewis     
Member at large                                                    Kristin Mitchell
Nurture: Joanne Scott, Chair
                Debbie Spears, Bill Gosnell, Tony and Amy Smith,
                Courtney Felix, Pam Felix, Erin Brown, Monica Sewell,
                Jodi Goodfox-Jones
Outreach: Jarrod Scott and Erin Brown, Chairs
                    Ken Kingsbury, Ron Burnett, Bobbie Gosnell, Peggi Welker, 
                    Charlie Elliott, Andy Bowen,Ken Privett, Barbara McCray,
Finance:    Erin Brown, Chair
                    Aaron Mitchell, Brad Sewell, Helen Brensing,
                    Dale Osborn, Glenna Osborn, Charlie Elliott
Staff-Parish Relations:   Andy Bowen, Chair 
         Class of 2015                Class of 2016                Class of 2017
          Brad Sewell                  Sheila Thurber               Andy Bowen
          Glenna Osborn             Kirk Lewis                      Roger Brashear
                                                                                         Stacy Thurman

Board of Trustees: Don Brown, Chair
          Class of 2015                    Class of 2016               Class of 2017
             Dale Osborn                   Ronny Brown              Ken Kingsbury
             Don Brown                     Randy McCray             Peggi Welker
             Joe Jones                       Debbie Spears             Bill Gosnell
Memorial Committee:
          Class of 2015         Class of 2016              Class of 2017
            Margie Reeder       Joyce Brown               Margot Glanville
            Rita Clem               Willy Fisher                  Debbie Spears
                                            Sharon Vaughan 
Committee on Lay Leadership: (Elected from the floor at Charge Conference)
            Class of 2015           Class of 2016              Class of 2017    
            Joyce Brown             Tracy Burnett               Erin Brown
            Kristin Mitchell          Richard Glanville         Brad Sewell